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Wie korrigiert man falsche Sensorwerte?

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It may happen – in fact, it happens quite often – that one or more hardware sensors report incorrect readings that are off by a certain amount. It is not easy to identify such issues as an ordinary household lacks precise measuring instruments so you are more likely to read about them in tech forums or hardware reviews.

For such cases, AIDA64 offers users the possibility to define an offset value. If we know how much the sensor is off, we set an offset for it in File / Preferences / Correction. We can define the offset either as a percentage (ratio) or as a fixed positive or negative offset value.

This feature allows us to correct sensor readings when a given sensor chip is known to provide bogus outputs. In such cases, not just AIDA64 but all hardware monitoring utilities show the same incorrect value. Only hardware manufacturers can permanently fix such issues, for example, by issuing a BIOS update.

Rarely, AIDA64 may also provide wrong sensor readings. If other hardware monitoring tools display the right values, please report the issue to AIDA64 developers in the official forum. It is worth doing so as the developers usually correct such bugs in a week or two.